Some of my friends and customers used to joke around about my magic screw driver as problems seem to disappear when I show up. (Did you bring your magic screw driver?!) My cousin Mike Spikes of American Toy, llc was inspired to draw this sketch.

I became a professional electronic technician when micro processors had 8 bits and ran on a 3.14 mhz clock - 1973. I excelled at component level trouble shooting working on early graphic workstation terminals for Tektronix. In 1977 I quit Tek and started Musician's Bench in Portland, OR. Portland needed someone to provide this service at the time so it was easy to sign up for accounts with Arp, Moog, Oberheim, SCI, Roland, Yamaha, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer etc. I attended factory training at most of these companies and provided service in and out of warranty during the "glory years" of American designed and manufactured electronic music gear.

Disgusted by dealings with the public at large and other non technical aspects of running the business, I was inspired to get away from the store front repair operation. A following of loyal customers from the past still keeps me in the business at a hobby level and I've kept all the documentation, parts and other resources required to work on a lot of vintage gear - mostly keyboards.

My favorite customer is the owner who wants to learn what they can about working on their own gear. My passion for sharing knowledge and the willingness to do so keeps me connected to the repair business.

Read and learn from these music tek bench stories!

Music electronic technician Larry Church discusses various bench projects with relevance to teaching basic skills valuable in working on vintage music equipment. Larry attended factory training at companies such as Arp, Moog, Yamaha and Sequential Circuits, and provided warranty service for these companies and others such as Rhodes, Gibson, Wurlitzer, Marshall, etc.. Basic skills, common sense, general knowledge and trouble shooting mentality are discussed here.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My old computer coughed and choked on Google and so I abandoned 2 bogs I started here.  Couldn't ever get the old box to cooperate, so after way too much time I got a new box.  I have returned to the old Google account to see that some folks posted on those blogs and are most likely wondering what happened too the owner (me).  I also see that Google has this new format mostly inspired by the work of Zuckerman, who's ideas I find very inspiring, so I'll jump in.

In my absence from Google I have published lots of info on Facebook, which I will refer to as FB from here on.  You can follow my projects there on several pages.  Personal page is "Larry Dee Church".  See also "Technician Larry" and Oregon Territory Tree Parts" (on FB).

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